Ramraksha Flim Production


RAMRAKSHA FILM PRODUCTION  is a well balanced team of creative individuals and technical supervisors. It is a sister concern of “SARTHI ADVERTISING”. It is a film financing company which does film making also.

Our production house has produced n realeased one Gujarati movie named”DESHBOOK” earlier in 2013. Not only these , but  it has also finished shooting of one more Gujarati movie right now named as “CHAKKARBAAZ” which is soon going to be realeased  in June 2018.

It has also made 13 short films till now and has screened n realeased them on its own webseries channel named ”FTv”. Talking about the uniqueness of these short films is that our production house has given many new fresher directors, actor n actress ,cinematographers, creative film making persons etc, the platform to show their talents n have helped them to show their creative work through these medium . We also in the future are ready to help freshers in these film making industry to come up to us with thier projects n showcase their talents n discuss their requirments so that we can cordinate with each other n do some better work for one n all.

RAMRAKSHA FILM PRODUCTION is planning to make a next movie very soon....                                        Now soon we are going to conduct a short film competation on 25th Mar 2018