Vijay Kabra Photography


Vijay Kabra is an Ace Fashion photographer and largely dominates the fashion industry out today. Ranking among the very few people who do calanders that get media coverage,Vijay Kabra brings the entire fashion and glamour industry together and celebrates his deep eye for elegance and emotions. Vijay Kabra believes in giving 100%; and then he adds some more to make it perfect. Vijay Kabra has imposed himself as one of the most daunting and the most acclaimed visualiser with accolades from various retrospects of the industry. For past  15 years the eye he has for unique frames is unparralled and there is still no one on the track to compete him.He is a aspiring actor and you will soon see him in some of the Mega Gujarati movies soon.

And that’s not  all about him. Dig deep and you will know that this man is a movie producer and has already produced the movie “DESHBOOK” . Vijay Kabra is a fast growing name as a businessman and is making it huge. He has worked with lot of Bollywood celebrities and various top models.